On The Way

The flights we use for our holidays are based on specially negotiated airfares, which enable us to offer our holidays at such beneficial prices. However, to take advantage of these airfares, the flights used may not necessarily take the most direct route. Some flights will require a change of aircraft en route. On direct flights there is no need to change aircraft during the journey. However, stops may be made en route for refuelling or to let passengers on and/or off. All flight times and routings quoted are subject to change without notice.

Know what? If you turn up for your flight with an invalid passport or no visa when you need one, we will be very sympathetic but… YOU CANNOT BOARD THE FLIGHT.

Sorting Out Your Seat

If you are flying on Virgin Atlantic, a limited number of seats are available from 336 days before your return flight to 24 hours before departure. To request your seats visit www.virgin.com/atlantic and go to ‘Manage Your Flights’. Be sure to have your Travel City Direct booking reference to hand to retrieve your booking and access the seat map. Seats in EXIT rows can only be allocated at check-in and then only to passengers over the age of 16 who are 100% physically fit! Bulkhead seats are requested for Virgins requiring a ‘Sky Cot’ for infants under 12 months. To reserve a bulkhead seat, please call Virgin Atlantic on 0871 231 0231 (Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm).

Important Note About Travel Dates

March is Spring Breaktime, when thousands of American college students descend on Florida for a little fun in the sun, with the emphasis strongly on ‘fun’. Fort Lauderdale, Clearwater and St Pete’s Beach are favourite destinations, but many resorts can get very busy at this time. The first week of June is unofficially designated Gay Week at the Walt Disney World Resort, with an extended programme of events taking place at theme parks and entertainment venues across Orlando.

All the theme parks get very busy around the main US holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please be aware that some special events, for example Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom Park, are ticketed separately and require booking in advance.

Baby Food

Visitors are not permitted to take fresh milk or jars of baby food into other destinations. Customs will confiscate it! Powder formula is allowed.


The door to the Flight Deck is kept locked at all times and access is vigorously controlled. Sadly that means that no passenger visits to the Flight Deck are permitted, but we are sure our customers will understand. Additional measures are also under discussion with the Government.

You may be asked to provide information, such as passport number, etc. for the carrier airline(s) at any time between booking and boarding the aircraft which will only be used for security purposes and not disclosed to third parties not related to your travel arrangements.

Check-in/Check-out Information

The standard international practice is to let rooms from midday to midday. However, times do vary. Check-in times are usually between 2pm and 3pm, check-out times between 11am and 12 noon on the day of departure. Therefore, if you check-in immediately after a night flight this would normally count as 1 night’s accommodation. Similarly, if your return flight is at night you will normally be required to vacate your room at 12 noon prior to leaving for the airport. Day rooms are subject to availability/cost and should be arranged locally with the accommodation management.

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